Sleeping Beauty Eternal

Sleeping Beauty Eternal
Showcase Piece

Sunday, November 22, 2015

My Most Current Work!

Now as I am in the heart of nursing school I don't get much time to draw as I'd like. However, I continue to doodle in class and when I take breaks from studying.

Bambi and Thumper 
Picture of my Clinical family from school!

My most current piece was inspired by my favorite artist Baylee Jae. She will often stream live art and her most recent picture was of a girl similar to this. However, I took my own twist on it and made her a morbid princess...... Enjoy!

You can find Baylee Jae here!

Baylee's Creations

So here I was like. "Okay this is a cool pose. Nahhh not going to attempt to draw hands and frustrate myself at the moment."

Then here after outlining it, I felt there was a darker side brewing to this picture.....
"Sleeping Beauty Eternal"

Not gonna lie.. I added the rock and the blood in last. After finishing it I was like.. "this needs something more!" Though, I am unsure as to what the story behind this picture is, I can tell you it is a recently murdered woman... I kind of picture it like the Scarlet Letter type of thing.... Sometime I just draw and don't really know where its going. (Okay... all the time I do that) I have titled this piece "Sleeping Beauty Eternal". Yeah, its kind of dark, but I ain't always sunshine and flowers!


So my dad, being the artist that he is, had a custom made lightbox gifted to him! I asked if I could borrow it after watching how clean and neat outlining can be and here was my very first results.

You can find my fathers blog here:

Check it out!!


This is some of my most recent work, I plan on mounting it on a background and framing it for a Christmas gift. This is about the skill I am recently. Here I learned how to draw braids, and am just beginning to learn how to color in hair with the highlights and lowlights.
Current Work in progress

This is a piece I made for my mom. Oh and by the way! At this time I have purchased over 70 Copic Markers!!!! Okay back to the piece, I attempted to make this look muted in tones and have an old-timey feel. I will frame and gift this piece as well!

My First Commission!

Anime Henry Cavil
A friend commissioned me to draw her Henry Cavil as Superman! I had so much fun with this piece and was able to use my new prismacolor alcohol based markers to it as well. However, being the kind-hearted girl I am, I gave it to her for free ;)! I am glad I took a picture of it! it now hangs in her office at work!

Tattoo Drawin

Love Tattoo
This post feels a bit random. As did randomly drawing American Traditional tattoos. However, it gave me a good perspective on colors and shading (sound repetitive). I enjoyed drawing these because I can see these pieces being framed and given as gifts they are fun. The Beauty and The Beast one looks as if it should have some story behind it. The idea for the picture was that Beauty was a former victim of the beast, she is now deceased (hence the blue shading). In hind site I wish I would have turned her so that she was facing the beast. Still unique and different, none-the-less!

Copics and Prismacolors were used
"Beauty and the Beast"

A Few More Utensils

I added a few more alcohol based markers to my collection, and some prismacolor pencils my dad gifted to me!

"Deer Woman"
 This was also about the time I became fascinated with skin shading! (Sounds creepy I know)

"Abstract Hair Woman"

Abstract hair aside, I am proud of this piece as well. I worked hard in order to make the shading in the skin look natural. These two pieces (Deer Woman and Abstract Hair Woman) were the start of my ability to see colors differently! you can see.

Experimenting with my prismacolor pencils drawing a picture for my sister

Okay I am excited to share these pieces because they are fan art from my favorite anime "Inuyasha"

Here I used just my prismacolor pencil crayons to create, what I feel is my best shading at this time.


Less impressive drawing, but again, shading improvement is worth noting.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Working on my highlighting with the hair. This is the cute boy lolitia character from the series. If you don't know what that means google it and be prepared to "Awwwwwww.<3"
Finish Sango and Kilala

This is the usual plan I follow when drawing and coloring a finished piece. Starts with a sketch, then outline with my Micron Outliner. Here I make it neat and clean.With prismacolors I have found it hard to shade ontop of you work, like I do with copics. So I have to trace and plan out my shading prior when coloring with pencils.

Here's the group so far!

Oh, also at this time I decided to invest in a Wacom Intuos Tablet. This is a drawing tablet that allows me to make digital art! I have had a blast with it and still use it off an on. However, I want this blog to remain true to original mediums.

With that being said, if you are interested in seeing some of my digital art you can go here:

Tinyrutabaga's Deviant Art

 Stay Tuned!

Original Art

Warrior Princess. HANDS NEED WORK!

Most likely still in May, or early June. I began doing more experimenting with original art work.

I actually still like this dragon, I would color, shade and highlight it differently today, but still pretty fun!
Rawr ;)!

...And It Begins

So, I truly started drawing in about January of 2015. However, I either don't have, or didn't take pictures of these first pieces. Don't worry, you are not missing much. The art starting in May will be embarrassing enough as is....


May 2015 is about the time I decided, not only do I want to draw, I want to color! Working with shading, highlighting and coloring(painting) is really what has sent my passion for art a float. Drawing is fun, but if you can plan the colors well and accordingly, you can make any sketch look impressive! So I invested in Copic markers. These are alcohol based markers which cost a bunch, but are great quality! Little by little I still experiment and learn to use them. They are the reason I fell in love with this hobby, and they are the reason I want to continue to hone my skills! As I mentioned previously in my "About Me" section, I am creating this blog to watch the progress made. 

So without further ado... Please (try) and enjoy my beginner work with my alcohol based Copic markers!

The top two are recreations of art.
So for some reason, out of the blue I decided something. "I want to learn to draw". Mostly this stemmed from my blooming fascination with anime and manga. So as you can see this is the encompasses my beginner art quite heavily. I would stay anime and manga still play a role in my art currently, as I will forever love the style.

Copics are great..... IF you have the correct paper to blend you colors. This is something I will later learn!
When I first got Copics I only invested in six different colors!

Omygosh! I just found this pencil, I love this pencil....

Free handing in May 2015.