Sleeping Beauty Eternal

Sleeping Beauty Eternal
Showcase Piece

Sunday, November 22, 2015

...And It Begins

So, I truly started drawing in about January of 2015. However, I either don't have, or didn't take pictures of these first pieces. Don't worry, you are not missing much. The art starting in May will be embarrassing enough as is....


May 2015 is about the time I decided, not only do I want to draw, I want to color! Working with shading, highlighting and coloring(painting) is really what has sent my passion for art a float. Drawing is fun, but if you can plan the colors well and accordingly, you can make any sketch look impressive! So I invested in Copic markers. These are alcohol based markers which cost a bunch, but are great quality! Little by little I still experiment and learn to use them. They are the reason I fell in love with this hobby, and they are the reason I want to continue to hone my skills! As I mentioned previously in my "About Me" section, I am creating this blog to watch the progress made. 

So without further ado... Please (try) and enjoy my beginner work with my alcohol based Copic markers!

The top two are recreations of art.
So for some reason, out of the blue I decided something. "I want to learn to draw". Mostly this stemmed from my blooming fascination with anime and manga. So as you can see this is the encompasses my beginner art quite heavily. I would stay anime and manga still play a role in my art currently, as I will forever love the style.

Copics are great..... IF you have the correct paper to blend you colors. This is something I will later learn!
When I first got Copics I only invested in six different colors!

Omygosh! I just found this pencil, I love this pencil....

Free handing in May 2015.