Sleeping Beauty Eternal

Sleeping Beauty Eternal
Showcase Piece

Sunday, November 22, 2015

My Most Current Work!

Now as I am in the heart of nursing school I don't get much time to draw as I'd like. However, I continue to doodle in class and when I take breaks from studying.

Bambi and Thumper 
Picture of my Clinical family from school!

My most current piece was inspired by my favorite artist Baylee Jae. She will often stream live art and her most recent picture was of a girl similar to this. However, I took my own twist on it and made her a morbid princess...... Enjoy!

You can find Baylee Jae here!

Baylee's Creations

So here I was like. "Okay this is a cool pose. Nahhh not going to attempt to draw hands and frustrate myself at the moment."

Then here after outlining it, I felt there was a darker side brewing to this picture.....
"Sleeping Beauty Eternal"

Not gonna lie.. I added the rock and the blood in last. After finishing it I was like.. "this needs something more!" Though, I am unsure as to what the story behind this picture is, I can tell you it is a recently murdered woman... I kind of picture it like the Scarlet Letter type of thing.... Sometime I just draw and don't really know where its going. (Okay... all the time I do that) I have titled this piece "Sleeping Beauty Eternal". Yeah, its kind of dark, but I ain't always sunshine and flowers!

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